Collection of Dolls Lola Anglada and other collections

The Collection of Dolls Lola Anglada was installed on the second floor of the Can Llopis mansion, on the space allocated lodge domestic service. The Collection of Dolls was bought by the Provincial Government of Barcelona in 1961. Lola Anglada, writer, painter and illustrator (Barcelona, ​​1862- Tiana, 1964) ws one of the most outstanding personalities of the artistic "noucentisme".

The doll collection exceeds 400 pieces and presents a wide variety of styles, periods and manufactures, all belonging to centuries XVII - XIX.For Lola Anglada represented the sentimental desire to recreate childhood and the lifestyles of the lost society of the nineteenth century.

As everyday objects intended for girls, dolls reflect social classes, the industry in which dolls were immersed, the fashion world, the evolution of customs, life stages for girls and women ... Made with different materials, from paper mache and wood to fine porcelain, dools have a wide variety and a number of skills, and the collection also contains pieces equipped with mechanical movement or music.

There is also a set of toys accompanying the collection formed by Lola Anglada. Otherwise, the collection has incorporated donations of antique and vintage dolls from diverse backgrounds, increasing the collection in number, variety and quality.