Ram de Tot l’Any

Sitges is eternally grateful to Santiago Rusiñol. For this reason, the artist always has fresh flowers under one of his portraits that occupy a central space in his former office at the Cau Ferrat. This is possible thanks to a tireless association named “A bouquet all year round” (El Ram de tot l'any). The organization was founded in 1932, one year after the death of Rusiñol, to pay homage to him through flowers.

“Associació del Ram de tot l'any” currently counts with 422 members that deposit a bouquet of fresh flowers three times a week to the adopted son of Sitges. The Ram's associates have an identification card that grants them free access to all museums in Sitges, they also enjoy a discount on the shop installed on the ground floor of Can Rocamora. With the reopening of the museum, the Association recovered the original logo from the thirties designed with a Noucentista style. The logo will appear on the card, and will be printed weekly at L'Eco de Sitges in the box with the names of women who make the offering.

The "Ram de tot l'any" has received numerous awards, including the XIV Special Mention of the Sitges Awards Night 2011 or the entry into the Guinness Book of Records for paying homage to Rusiñol during so many years.

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