The Art Collection of Sitges

The Art Collection of the town of Sitges has its beginning in the subscription organized in 1911 following the exhibition of the painter Joaquim Sunyer at the Galeria Laietana in Barcelona, in ​​which the oil Maternitat (1908) was acquiered. Initially, it was installed in the Hall of Sessions of the Council and then on the Blue Room of the Palace of Maricel, then called the Local Painting Collection.

The assignment of the works of art that are part of the public heritage of Sitges has gone through several names; in 1995 the collection was installed in the premises of the Maricel Museum with the name of Municipal Art Gallery. The Art Collection of Sitges accommodates works in various media and artistic languages that ​​are part of the aforementioned heritage obtained through acquisitions and donations.

The collection includes nineteenth and twentieth century works by Joaquim Sunyer, Pere Pruna, Alfred Sisquella, Pere Jou, Lola Anglada, Augustí Ferrer Pino and Artur Carbonell, among others.