The Stämpfli Foundation presents 21 recent paintings by Peter Stämpfli

| 24 March 2023
The Stämpfli Foundation presents 21 recent works by Peter Stämpfli, made in acrylic paint and never seen before in Catalonia, such works configure the exhibition Vibrances , which opens on Saturday March 25 and can be seen until September 24 in Room 3. Together with Vibrances , the Foundation is...view ›

The National Gallery and the Pompidou in Metz will exhibit two works from the Cau Ferrat Museum

| 14 March 2023
Two works from the Museu del Cau Ferrat are traveling these days to two prominent European art galleries to take part in temporary exhibitions. These are the portraits of Modesto Sánchez Ortiz, the work of Santiago Rusiñol –which will be exhibited at the National Gallery in London– and that of...view ›

El Greco's 'Magdalena' returns to the Museu del Cau Ferrat

| 3 March 2023
The penitent Magdalena , one of the two paintings by El Greco that supports part of the collection of the Museu del Cau Ferrat, has returned to Sitges today, Friday. During the last months it was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, in one of the most important anthologies ever...view ›

The Stämpfli Foundation presents a new exhibition including works by Pere Stämpfli and from the general collection

| 28 February 2023
The halls of the Stämpfli Foundation - Contemporary Art will renew their landscape to celebrate the arrival of spring. A new exhibition of works by Pere Stämpfli (in hall 3 of facilities) and a renewed selection from the fund collection (in halls 1 and 2) will greet the new season. The inauguration...view ›

Christmas is coming to the Museums of Sitges

| 2 December 2022
Museum of Sitges’s offer for Chritsmas involves workshops, concerts, guided tours and various experiences. The program includes varied proposals, which coexist with the Museums' own activities and which allows festivities aimed at audiences and segments from every age bracket. Christmas starts this...view ›
Imatge del cartell de les Jornades Europees de Patrimoni

The European Days of Cultural Heritage

| 26 September 2022
WE CELEBRATE THE EUROPEAN DAYS OF CULTURAL HERITAGE Once again, Catalonia celebrates the European Heritage Days (EHD), an initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission that has been held uninterruptedly in Catalonia since 1991. It is considered the most important participatory...view ›